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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The majority of SEO campaigns fail for one main reason … there’s no strategy in place! Simply deciding to commence an SEO campaign is pointless unless there’s a clearly defined (and actionable) strategy in place behind it, working hard to meet and exceed the wider goals of the business.

Having worked in ‘SEO’ since the dawn of Google, we’ve seen it all and we’re proud to say that we do things a little differently to most. Firstly, everything we do is strategic and works to Google’s own Webmaster Guidelines. SEO isn’t a ‘dark art’ and you certainly won’t find us sourcing links through unnatural means.

In 2016, SEO as far as we’re concerned should be focused upon developing an information-rich website with a great structure, user experience and technical foundations closely integrated with a content marketing and social media marketing approach to earn links, citations and wider coverage.

Our successful SEO campaigns are built upon:

Strategic Planning

Technical SEO

Link Earning / Outreach

Content Marketing

From local SEO through to campaigns targeting products and services on a nationwide or even international level, our team are experienced in delivering results across both B2B and B2C industries and are even proud to boast a 100% success rate at Google penalty removal for those who’ve had a campaign poorly managed in the past.

We’re proud to back up our claims of what we can do for your brand with a wealth of case studies demonstrating not only top search engine positions but also fantastic growths in traffic and revenues.

We don’t settle for anything other than the very best results for our clients and would love to have a chat about a plan of action and find out any other marketing campaigns you’ve run in the past.

Keyword research

An effective SEO campaign isn’t about simply generating a large amount of traffic; it’s about generating a large amount of targeted traffic, and starts with extremely in-depth keyword research. All of our strategy is data based.

Finding the right keywords means we have to know how our customers think even better than they do. Seeing all the options, and then knowing which combinations and strings lead to conversions (and which don’t) is key. Properly researching potential keywords allows us to gain important insights into the current market, customer psychology, and the Pandora’s box of details that make search engines tick.

Technical on-page optimization

A technical site audit is the process of looking at a site, assessing its performance in terms of structure and SEO compliance, and identifying areas for improvement. But just in case that description makes the whole thing sound uncomplicated, understand that this process is anything but simple. A technical site audit consists of a highly-complex evaluation that goes beyond the text on the page, into the nitty-gritty background data that most users never see, all in order to identify potential issues related to usability, accessibility, authority distribution, and how the site is crawled by search engines.

Competitive analysis

We use competitive analysis to identify ranking competitors for our chosen keywords, and then analyze their sites based on 25+ metrics. This gives us the understanding we need to see who those competitors are, why they are a threat, and which strategies we should implement within the contract to surpass them.

Content marketing

Everyone knows that content is king. But what should the king wear? If you don’t know what your audience values, content is just a collection of pixels on a screen. Being able to see the whole environment and know what matters to each targeted segment is the difference between complete engagement and complete indifference.


We thrive on data, and our data analysts help to both gather and interpret large sets of data in order to drive campaigns in the right direction. We dive deep to pinpoint opportunities that are unique to you and your needs.

Crisis/reputation management

Online reputation management means your brand will be protected. We’ll work to make sure your label and your story are not only showing up in appropriate search results, but showing up prominently, with accuracy and authenticity.

Conversion rate optimization

Getting a prospect to the correct landing page, generating a product view on an ecommerce site, serving up a contact capture form—without a conversion, all the preliminary steps are meaningless. Understanding how to move from page view to purchase, from interest to action, is what we do.