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Social Media Marketing

Become the voice of your industry and generate engagement and interaction with your audience across the right social platforms. From Facebook and Twitter through to Pinterest, Instagram and a range of niche networks, we’ll develop a strong presence for your business in the right places.

A successful social media presence relies upon you becoming a leader within your industry, being seen as a resource which can be relied upon for news and resources. Whether an eCommerce retailer, a service provider or even a charity, we’ll work with you to develop the right voice and tone to use across social media, encouraging engagement and helping your audience to get to know you. Remember, you’re a business which is run by people and social media offers a great platform for you to showcase this.

We’ll work with you to establish the core social media platforms for YOUR industry, however the majority of campaigns see us building brands on:





From a simple brand building exercise to help get your name out there in the market to turning you and your business into an industry influencer, we’ll work with you to establish the platforms which matter to you. We’re all about driving results and that means focussing on the areas which matter.

We’ll develop a social strategy and voice utilising the right platforms and the right approaches and work to make sure social works for you and helps to hit the wider business goals.

Why not give us a call and have a chat with us about how we can increase your presence on social media? We can demonstrate fantastic results in a range of competitive industries across social, driving in excess of one million impressions per month across a number of core campaigns.

We’ll get your business in front of those who are listening and tell your story in a way which makes you stand out from the crowd, get their ears to pick up and, above all else, drive engagement and interaction.

Content creation and promotion

Social media is a constantly-evolving world, and one update to a social-media algorithm could potentially send your campaign off the rails. We work to stay current and informed on the intricate details and opportunities for success on each platform. This allows us to work with our team of writers, designers, and developers to both create and promote superior and effective social content.

Social engagement

Our marketers can even watch for the social-media trends and conversations which are especially pertinent to your brand, and can act swiftly to provide value and help to develop a positive relationship with your brand among potential customer groups. For instance, we can monitor social media for customer service issues and alert the client.

Social media monitoring

Staying on top of each and every one of your social media channels is a big job; you never know which platform your customer may want to use to interact with you. Our team of social media professionals will monitor and respond to your social customers, letting you take one more thing off your plate.

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